Saturday, 17 October 2009

Onomatopoeia bubble painting response

Here is my response for Onomatopoeia:

I decided to play with bubbles like in primary school to create the image. You are meant to use paint powder but I didn't have any so I just squirted lots of paint into a bottle and added some warm water and shook it up then poured it into anything big enough...I ended up using a big frying pan, a wok, and a mixing bowl! Then I added some washing up liquid to make the bubbles stay for longer and a bit more water.

Kaylie came in the kitchen and wondered what on earth I was 'cooking' as seen as i was stood by the cooker stirring BLUE liquid with a spatula in a frying pan. She though I was making a bomb or something! I'm not a mad scientist haha!
Then all you need to do is get a straw and blow into it in the liquid..just don't drink it by accident! Or put the wrong end of the straw in your mouth.. eugh I did that.

Once you blow the bubbles, quickly grab paper and lay it on top but don't touch the liquid only the bubbles, they will pop and leave a print on the paper, then let it dry :)

I made loads, this is only about half, I tried overlapping 2 colours as well. I did try yellow too but it didn't work very well.

When blowing bubbles my face got a bit splashed.. I had red paint dots on my nose and cheeks and blue ones on my chin hehe! It was a lot of fun though :)

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