Saturday, 21 February 2009

If i hang upside down, will my nails grow faster?

I was just about to complain at my (self-induced) short nails, and tell myself to stop biting them, then i thought this up.

It is a gross thing nail biting, i have a green post-it note on my wall saying


from me, its stuck on the wall behind my laptop (amongst the many many colourful post-it notes stuck in that area) so i see it everyday, and hopefully i will subconsciously get the message. It's been there months. It's not worked. YET.
So this is the new plan, hanging upside down in caves.. or anywhere. The caves part is just for dramatic visual effect, stalag tights and bats are more interesting than lampshades. Well the lampshades in this house anyway. which i think are all plain and made from paper and are torn.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Squashed Mystery Rodent

I was on the way to uni and the bus stopped in traffic, out of the window i noticed a squashed mystery rodent (i hope it was a rodent and not a cat, i don't think it was a cat, it really was squashed out of all recognition), it made me sad anyway. And i thought about it for the rest of the day, as it was on my mind, and as a mark of respect for the mystery rodent, i made this picture.

It's not macabre, (well if it is, thats just life) its like a gravestone, to mark the memory of this mystery rodent.
I have no idea what the rodent looked like, but it possibly looked like the rodent ghost i have drawn floating to rodent heaven. Yes i am aware it looks a bit like a duck billed platypus without a bill. And no it's not a peanut with arms, legs and teeth.

R.I.P Squashed Mystery Rodent :'(

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Dirty little secret...

Q U E S T I O N M A R K S .

I really like question marks, they are aesthetically pleasing to me. It is a shame they get ignored so much. Yes people write and/or type them but they are rarely talked of! They are like a dirty little secret.
I know in some places when people are saying something that is a question and would have a question mark at the end if it were written down, their voice goes higher at the end, but it's just not good enough.
I sometimes say the say then say the question mark at the end, it's much nicer :)
such as, What do you think about this matter question mark.



p.s oh yes the same applies to exclamation marks too! see, i almost forgot it then, this is what happens, poor question and exclamation marks, i bet they cry at night. Same with some other punctuation, but i don't care as much about them, coz i'm mean like that!