Saturday, 21 February 2009

If i hang upside down, will my nails grow faster?

I was just about to complain at my (self-induced) short nails, and tell myself to stop biting them, then i thought this up.

It is a gross thing nail biting, i have a green post-it note on my wall saying


from me, its stuck on the wall behind my laptop (amongst the many many colourful post-it notes stuck in that area) so i see it everyday, and hopefully i will subconsciously get the message. It's been there months. It's not worked. YET.
So this is the new plan, hanging upside down in caves.. or anywhere. The caves part is just for dramatic visual effect, stalag tights and bats are more interesting than lampshades. Well the lampshades in this house anyway. which i think are all plain and made from paper and are torn.

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