Thursday, 12 February 2009

Dirty little secret...

Q U E S T I O N M A R K S .

I really like question marks, they are aesthetically pleasing to me. It is a shame they get ignored so much. Yes people write and/or type them but they are rarely talked of! They are like a dirty little secret.
I know in some places when people are saying something that is a question and would have a question mark at the end if it were written down, their voice goes higher at the end, but it's just not good enough.
I sometimes say the say then say the question mark at the end, it's much nicer :)
such as, What do you think about this matter question mark.



p.s oh yes the same applies to exclamation marks too! see, i almost forgot it then, this is what happens, poor question and exclamation marks, i bet they cry at night. Same with some other punctuation, but i don't care as much about them, coz i'm mean like that!

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