Sunday, 14 March 2010

Refraction Rainbow

In my house, the light use to shine through the window, hit the mirror then produce a lovely mini rainbow on the wall. But now we have blinds I noticed it was slightly different pattern as the light was broken by the blind slats. It looked cool so I took some photos then played around with adjusting the blinds to change the rainbow.
Reminded me a bit of Star Trek: The Motion Picture Poster hehe.

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PZA said...

hey shauna i jut googled snowoman and guess what your headless one came up on google images and then i looked at your page thinking ok whos this girl who looks cool and funky that just by chance i came across otherwise never to even catch a glance and where do you live manchester just like me :-P small world huh! and some history well i was considering what i could do with the shovel that comes with a snowboarding backpack im considering buying lol peace out space age sister x