Saturday, 13 February 2010

Alan Fletcher Exhibition @ Cube

Yes thats right Alan Fletcher..
Nooooo not ^that^ one (unfortunately)! I have actually been to see THE GOOD Alan Fletcher and his band play ^_^. He reached over into the crowd and I reached over and touched his hand. yeahhhhhhhhhhh. [In case you didn't know..Neighbours is one of my top 3 tv shows, the other two being Home & Away and STAR TREK!]

Anyway the exhibition was about the 2nd best Alan Fletcher - the graphic designer.
It was pretty good. You could take photos aslong as you didn't use flash, so the photos are pretty poor but you get the idea. Here are some of the pieces i found most interesting:

There was a series of these called 'This is a drawing' 2004. They just really interested me. I like that it's black and white, a line drawing, a pattern, confusing and the fact he says "Writing is you on paper". That very day i'd just posted a letter. Even though i don't like my handwriting but it doesn't matter because it's more personal however scratty my handwriting is. I did tryyyy to write neater. Ooh and look there's my reflection:

I like seeing inside artists sketchbooks, i like seeing personal and free things like this, it's good to know other designers do crazy scribble-y drawings too:
I really like this, so cool! -
This was interesting, really makes an impact. It said he was in NYC when 9/11 happened and purchased lots of postcards then later did this to them:

I like how unpolished this is, at first glance it looks like a kidlet could have done it, but it made me laugh. I like it being all muddled up with the colours and names, it's just random and cool :p:

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