Thursday, 11 February 2010

a nosey at MOSI

I visited MOSI (Museum Of Science and Industry) on Monday. I'd never been before, but had been meaning to go for a while. The first time I heard about it was in first year of uni, from a German girl visiting Manchester, she went and thought it was awesome!
I didn't look around it all, mainly just the Air and Space hall. There wasn't that much space stuff anyway. There is a Chinese space exhibit on at the moment on the upper balcony thing. I didn't like the crappy typography they had, and the fact i could see loadsa cellotape on all the banners :S. I took a few photos before my camera died ¬_¬.
Can't remember what it said this is..but it looks damn cool! I love how angular it is and the little rivet/bolt things! I makes me think of some sort of alien/futuristic bomb/weapon! I think it spins around (a bit like the Xindi superweapon but not as advanced) and shoots lasers and dematerializes people/aliens/cats/penguins.

Here's a crappy picture in bad lighting of some models of rockets, they were a bit crap and look like they would topple over if you stood on a floorboard too close, they didn't though:

THE BEST thing I saw, Enterprise NCC-1701-D model! I nearly missed it as well. Deffo brought a grin to my face! My trekkie friends said it's left over from the Star Trek exhibition they had there about 10-15 years ago! Wish they had that again now!

I also went in the mini planetarium they have in there for a show of the stars, £1.50 thats alright to say the rest of the place is free to get in. I sat next to a mannequin in a astronauts suit and he was perched on a wheely computer chair, a bit weird. He wouldn't survive very long in space though because his arm was hanging off...

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